Creative Harmony has been around, here and there. Read what people said about it


“The children were captivated by the presentation from beginning to end. They immediately found the subject interesting and engaging. “
Aline A., Lycee Louis Pasteur, Calgary

Entirely suitable for children of different ages

“I recommend this activity as it is multidisciplinary, innovative, socio emotional and entirely suitable for children of different ages.”
Alexandra N., Lycee Louis Pasteur

A great and fun session with Sonia!

“The children loved singing along with the ukulele. They even continued to sing the song after lunch and days later.”
Ms Sharon, Brite Studios

Very appropriate session in French and English for the class

“The maracas workshop done in French and English was very appropriate for the class. The children were impressed with the rainstick, they enjoyed the games around the maracas. It was a lovely musical interaction.”
Mrs. Brenna, Brite Studios

I wholeheartedly recommend Sonia!

“I wholeheartedly recommend Sonia for hosting music lessons for young children. Teaching and entertainment offered are rich and varied. Your child will not be bored, I promise.”
Anne-Louise H., Lycee Louis Pasteur

I’ll do it again for baby #2!

With these sessions I have noticed that the level of stress and tension in my body went down, like really down! I feel more inner peace and connection with my whole body.
Alexandra M. B.

Loved all the different ways to interact with my baby!

I loved learning about all the different ways to interact with the baby. I had never realized that the voice could be such a powerful instrument of communication and connection with an unborn child.
Stéphanie L.P.

Help develop in depth emotional communication and harmony in the family

I can see the great benefits my wife is getting from the program. So for me it is mainly the satisfaction of seeing her getting better each time. Sounds seems to help develop in depth emotional communication and harmony in the family. It is a treasurable tool.
Ngub N.

We have music!

“I love Wednesday because we have music!”
Elisabeth, 4 years old

Waiting for music all the day!

I was waiting for music all the day…so long!!!!
Iris, 4 years old