You Are In The Right Place If

  • your child Is struggling with learning specific topics 
  • your child Is demotivated to learn 
  • You Are struggling to get your kid to listen and cooperate 
  • you Are looking for ways to communicate without the Yelling, Tears, Punishments and Blaming 

What You'll Find Here

  • Find what motivates your child to guide him/her more naturally
  • Learn more about emotional intelligence, mental health and non-violent communication
  • Learn more about spontaneous abilities and natural skills

Sonia Nding

Hello. I’m Sonia. I’m a homeschool mom, an educator and coach for children, families, educators and teachers.
I help children express themselves fully and naturally, learn naturally and be happier and true to themselves.
I help parents be better parents without the tears, yelling, over-exhaustion and punishments, so they can have more balance, harmony and joy in the family.

As parents, teachers and educators...

You’d like to give the best for the children

Best education, best parenting role model, best protection tools to face the world and all the negative influences, best job, best health and more.

Yet, the reality is different

You might struggle with their behaviours, their non-willingness to cooperate when they should be doing more maths or reading.
You might struggle with having them getting motivated to learn and just clean up their room without the drama.
You might have difficulties with communicating properly with them without yelling and tears.

I know...

The struggle is real for everyone. With more or less intensity.

Yet, there are ways to ease the path of parenting, educating and teaching.

A Bit of Background

I’m a homeschool mother of 2 children (9 years old and 12 years old). And as many mothers, I had dreams and expectations for them. Be as intelligent as possible, be respectful and polite, be good persons, succeed at school… And I thought it would be easy to guide them in this path I had dreamed up for them. The reality turned out to be a little different.

The Challenge:

Parenting is a journey. Educating children is a journey. Especially when you project your own expectations and fantasy onto them. I quickly understood that I had to understand that each child is unique and needs guidance in many different ways.

The Solution:

  • It’s about Conscious Parenting. Understanding that the child and the parent grow together, side by side, without the traditional authority pattern.
  • It’s about Conscious Education. Understanding that the child has unique sets of abilities and skills that develop in time, at different pace when nurtured.
  • It’s about Conscious Learning. Understanding that parents, teachers, educators and children need to learn about emotional intelligence, to express emotions and needs.
  • It’s about Conscious Choices. Understanding that the environment is influencing all of us, in whatever direction, good and not as good.

I’m here to support the holistic development of your children and your holistic journey as a parent and educator

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More about me in 12 simple and random facts

United Colors Heritage

Ours could be a poster family for the “Benetton” brand

I was born and raised in Paris. My parents have mixed backgrounds from India, Vietnam, the Carribean and France. I married an amazing man who is from different countries in Africa: Gabon, Guinea, Senegal… And we now live in Canada.

I Lived 5 Years In The Jungle

I left the comfort of home to discover who I really was

I left my pharmaceutical career in France to join my future husband in on a life altering 5-year posting in Central Africa (Gabon). I discovered a passion to help others and particularly children. I founded and lead a non-governmental organization to support local communities. I also lead a children health awareness program, with the support of the WHO, UNESCO and local associations. A profound eye-opening journey.

Born & Raised With Music

My children were both deeply impacted by music

My first child was deeply impacted by music. And my second child was even more. Being a musician since very young age, music has never left me. I’ve learnt about the multiple benefits of music for brain development. The brain gets wired differently with music. Among the tools I use to help families, music is one of my favourites.

Dr Jekyll or Mister Hyde

My second child revealed the “Mister Hyde” to my “Dr. Jekyll”

I didn’t know I would be so challenged raising 2 children. Projecting my expectations on them, with little understanding at first, resorting to shaming, shouting, punishing and more... I know... ugh. Like many other parents, I simply didn’t know any other way. Fortunately, I discovered the importance of emotional intelligence, non-violent communication from Marshal Rosenberg and intuitive intelligence. That’s when conscious parenting and educating took shape to help my family, and then other families and educators. Both our children have since been our best teachers to be better parents and human beings.

Born Performer

The stage is my second home

I love performing dance and music. I’ve been dancing since I was 5 years old. And for the last 6 years, I’ve been performing Bollywood with a fantastic company in Calgary. Those activities are my self-care activities. I refill my bucket with joy, energy and love, so I can pour more care on others. Taking care of ourselves first is key to be able to take care of others. Like in an airplane, you put your oxygen mask on first, then you can help others. I’ve always encourage parents and educators to find fill their buckets to better guide their children.

Multi Lingual

I speak mainly French, English and Emotional Language

French is my mother tongue language, and English is my day-to-day language. Sometimes I mix them up too, so I speak fluent "Frenglish" you see. Oui, very much! I have a basic level in German and Dutch too. However, most importantly I’ve been embracing speaking the emotional language. I’ve been teaching children and adults that fundamental language. It’s so key to be able to communicate with more empathy and compassion with one another.

Left-and-Right Brained

I am both left-brained (logical) and right-brained (creative)

I love learning about the latest studies on brain development and the biology of the body. My master degree in biochemistry has helped nurture that logical and scientific side. I also love music, dancing, playing the flute, the ukulele, and sometimes the drums. Crafting with my kids is also fun, (and messy) especially when we upcycle a bunch of cardboard boxes, containers and fabric.

Nature Conscious

I’ve always enjoyed nature walks and hikes

I’m captivated by the beauty of the landscapes and the fauna. Hiking, walking around and observing the greatness of the World and its people is kind of my spiritual mediation. Later on, I’ve learned more about being more conscious and mindful in everything we do, say or build. That's when my business has turned into conscious learning and conscious education. Starting from implementing it for myself, my family. And now everyone around me who cares to join in.

Environmentally Minded

I’m a light environmental activist and vegetarian

I do my best to purchase more consciously and mindfully. And I guide my children on that same path in order to preserve our beautiful planet for their generation and the ones to come. So much so that I wrote a picture book for children in 2014 with a theme around environment, upcycling, emotions and music.

Mind Bender

Energy work is part of my daily life

My brother in-law, living in France, introduced me to energy work to help ease emotional triggers, and to get rid of useless conditioning and believes. I’ve learned to use those tools with my family. And I’m glad that sometimes both my children will take the lead to use some of these tools when they get trigger about some situations. And it happens that my clients learn to use some of those techniques such as TFT Tapping, Chakras balancing, meditation cards, sound therapy and more. The benefits and positive impacts are so gratifying.

Travel Meaningfully

I dream of meaningful & impactful family travel worldwide

I envision travelling the world more with my family and have a meaningful and positive impact wherever we would go. We’ve lived on 3 continents already and have traveled to many countries. The world cultures are so diverse and unique. Travelling creates lifetime memories, broadens our horizons by understanding cultures and traditions. It improves social and communications skills. It boosts mental health, and resets the body, mind and soul. Travel has helped me discover that there are different ways to raise children, guide them and let them fly with their own wings.

I look beyond the obvious

I observe a person and a child through many filters

Emotional path, childhood path, nutritional balance, conditioning & believes triggers, traumas history, health… A source of anxiety for a child could have many causes: due to the close environment, influences of certain persons, natural skills blocked due to traumas, health unbalanced… When a client comes to me, we look at the child in a holistic way, with those many filters. Each child is unique and deserves to be seeing in his own unique way too. One size doesn’t fit all.

Are you ready for your free discovery consultation with me?

Being better parents, educators and human beings involves:

  • Learning to be more present to connect with ourselves and anyone.
  • Learning to retrieve emotional balance, to cultivate true nature and essence
  • Learning to observe without judgement situations and persons, including children in order to nurture them and guide them more naturally

Guiding children involves:

  • Cultivating Happiness and Presence in them by showing them how emotions are key and should be understood
  • Enriching their desire to learn more naturally by listening to their abilities and understanding their readiness. A child is a natural born learner.
  • Understanding that their paths are not our paths. They grow into unique personalities with an amazing potential to be and change things in life in a better way.

Would you like to know more about the spontaneous abilities of your child?

Understanding what your child enjoys doing spontaneously and more naturally versus what he/she might struggle with.

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