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Conscious Learning and Conscious Education

Supporting The Holistic Development Of Children

​Understand Your Child's ​​Interests and Abilities

​​Observing the spontaneous interests ​and disinterests of your child ​with time. It's all about how your child is expressing him/herself.

​Guide Your Child ​to ​Recognize Feelings & Needs

​Understanding what is happening inside ​your child and teaching him/her emotional intelligence

​Learn about the external factors around your child

​Understanding ​how the environment of your child can influence and impact​ his/her balance, expression and most natural state.

Why Use Our Tools And Services

  • ​To Guide Your Child to Understand Needs and Emotions
  • To Help and Guide Your Child Learn More Naturally
  • To Better Understand What Influences Your Child's Balanced Development Element

Want to discover some natural abilities of your child in 2 minutes?


What Others Say

I highly recommend all activities presented by Sonia. They are adapted for children, multi-disciplinary, with appropriate degree of difficulties, lots of information, presented with dynamism and  passion.  

Alexandra N.

/ Teacher at Louis Pasteur

Activities are varied appropriate for the age ranges. The different activities stimulate almost all the 5 senses. ​They are concrete, ​touch-sensitive.

The children can enrich their vocabulary. They learn new words and concepts.

Aline F.

/ Teacher at Louis Pasteur

The children enjoyed the various interactive activities​. Th​ey were engaged from the beginning to the end. They understood the concepts and even continued to sing ​some songs later in the day.


/ ​Educator at Bright Studio

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