Are you overwhelmed by all the cries, the crying, the fights, the anxieties of your child?

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Conscious Learning and Conscious Education

Supporting The Holistic Development Of Children

Understand Your Child's Interests and Abilities

Observing the spontaneous interests and disinterests of your child with time. It's all about how your child is expressing him/herself.

Guide Your Child to Recognize Feelings & Needs

Understanding what is happening inside your child and teaching him/her emotional intelligence

Learn about the external factors around your child

Understanding how the environment of your child can influence and impact his/her balance, expression and most natural state.

Why Use Our Tools And Services

  • To Be a Better Role Model for The Child
  • To Guide Your Child to Understand Needs and Emotions
  • To Help and Guide Your Child Learn More Naturally
  • To Better Understand What Influences Your Child's Balanced Development Element

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What Others Say

I highly recommend all activities presented by Sonia. They are adapted for children, multi-disciplinary, with appropriate degree of difficulties, lots of information, presented with dynamism and  passion.  

Alexandra N.

/ Teacher at Louis Pasteur

Activities are varied appropriate for the age ranges. The different activities stimulate almost all the 5 senses. They are concrete, touch-sensitive.

The children can enrich their vocabulary. They learn new words and concepts.

Aline F.

/ Teacher at Louis Pasteur

The children enjoyed the various interactive activities. They were engaged from the beginning to the end. They understood the concepts and even continued to sing some songs later in the day.


/ Educator at Bright Studio

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