Time to Get the Help You Deserve With Your Child and for Yourself?

You've taken your first step to reach out for support. And this shows your strength.

I'm here to listen to you and see how we can work together to help you be that mom and woman you've been dreaming of, to improve the types of communication with your child you've been contemplating, to help your child blossom in his/her educational journey.


Mother of 2

I am more aware of how my oldest child is developing. I can help her and guide her in a more conscious way. I see too many parents who are worried about their children and don't really know how to communicate with them. Sonia can definitely guide and help those parents and children understand each other better, learn better... as she has helped us.

Sonia Nding

Parenting & Education Coach

What You’ll Get During This Free Consultation Call

Exploring The Situation

During this 40-minutes free call, I'll first listen to your challenges regarding your child and/or yourself.

Defining The Opportunity

We'll define what you and your child are struggling with and what your expectations are. 

Understanding The Context

I'll give you pointers in which stage of the development your child is, what potential and skills are available, why your child struggles with communication and cooperation.

Seeing The Value

I'll share some tips to help you unleash your potential to realize that fantastic mom that you already are, but can't necessarily see.

Getting The Tools

I'll show you some of the tools I use to improve communication between you and your child, and I'll share some advice you can apply right away.

Setting The Path Forward

Then we'll explore the different coaching programs I offer. We'll discuss to check if I can be the right person to support you in what you're looking for to remove stress, anxiety, burn out and any other challenges.

About Sonia

Hello. I’m Sonia. I’m a homeschool mom of 2, an educator and coach for children, families, educators and teachers.

I help children to fully and naturally express themselves, learn naturally and be true to themselves.

I show them, their families and their educators the freedom they have to create amazing projects in their most natural states.

Why They Recommend Having a Free Consultation Call


Homeschooler, Mother of 4

It was really interesting to see where we were all similar and where we were very different. The children that tend to gravitate towards each other for play shared the same intelligences. I look forward to trying the tips and advice Sonia shared.


Mother of 3

I appreciated seeing where the kids personalities fell into and how I can be intentional about how I can use that in helping them with school. It's always beneficial for parents to understand what helps their kids learn, understand, retain information and respond better to you and others. And Sonia helps parents understand that.


Mother of a special needs child

Sonia asked straightforward questions and gave clear explanations. The insight gained will be beneficial moving forward with my child.

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