Looking for Help & Support for You and Your Child ?

You've taken your first step to reach out for support. And this shows your strength.

The Covid-19 has been a worldwide crisis and you may be affected in many ways and at different degrees.

This worldwide and national crisis can bring up all sorts of traumatic experiences. I can help you and your child find solutions to cope with this crisis. I'm offering a free consultation call because we all need to be heard and understood, and find support and guidance. And I'm here.


Mother of a special needs child

Sonia asked straightforward questions and gave clear explanations. The insight gained will be beneficial moving forward with my child.

Sonia Nding

Parenting & Education Coach

What You’ll Get During This Free Consultation Call

Exploring The Situation

During this free consultation call, we'll discuss about your challenges regarding your child and/or yourself.

Getting The Tools

I'll share some advice you can apply right away and I'll show you some of the tools to use to improve your situation.

Setting The Path Forward

Then we'll explore the options for a more in-depth work together.

About Sonia

Hello. I’m Sonia. I’m a homeschool mother of 2, an educator and coach for children, families, educators and teachers.

I help children and families manage their emotional balance, their holistic well-being.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, I've been offering free support for families and children.

Why You Should Book Free Consultation Call?

If you answer yes to any of those questions, book your call.

Struggling to stay at home with your child and partner? Experiencing fear and panic attack of being sick or having the ones you care being sick? Overwhelmed by what you should be doing at home (helping your child learn, manage the house and meal planning, working remotely...)? Fed up with all the tears, scream and shouts? Trying to find solutions to help your anxious child? Depressed by been laid off or not being able to continue working? You may be more irritable and angry? You may be more tired and exhausted? You may have more difficulties in your relationship? You may feel more isolated than ever in the way you fell?

If you're looking for any of those, book your free call now.

  • Looking for more inner balance for you or your child : less negative emotions and more emotional balance
  • Looking better ways to organize your time : to work, to support your child's educational journey, to manage the house...
  • Finding more meaningful activities for your child : less screen, more independent play...
  • Improving the quality of communication with every one in your family : more harmony, more joy and bonding time

I'm Here to Help You and Your Family During this COVID-19 Crisis. 

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