Mon Quatre-Quarts (French pound cake or Four-Fourths cake)

I’m Sonia: ¼ Indian + ¼ Vietnamese + ¼ Caribbean + ¼ French. It’s like a mix of the famous French pound cake (Quatre-Quarts). Different ingredients and an awesome blend!

I was born and raised in Paris, and with a strong footprint of this blend. And I’ve been travelling in Europe and Asia, lived in Africa for 5 years, and now I’ve been living in Calgary (Canada) with my family.

Where do I belong? Which country should I refer to? Do I feel lost? I could feel like loosing my identity… But actually not.

I admit that when someone asked me where I come from, I have difficulty to say that I’m only French. Yes my passport is French, but I feel like my world experiences through work, cultures, music, food and people I met made ME.

I’m 100% made worldwide. It made me more curious, more open-minded, a lover of the world, its landscapes, its people and its cultures. I feel the world with my heart.

And because this blend wasn’t enough, I met my charming husband who is also a mix from various African countries. So our 2 beautiful children are beauties of the world!

I want to share and spread contagiously this curiosity with you and your child, activate a sense of exploration of the world and cultures, brighten a passion for music styles.

The world has so much to share.

It has golden pieces to help you and your child sparkle and become this special person you and your child should be.

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.

– Helen Keller

I think music should be the basis of an education, not just something you do once a week.

Joshua Bell




Is your child born with musical abilities?


  • A child has to be talented to play music.
  • I can’t play an instrument because I don’t have music background.
  • I don’t have rhythm.
  • Music lessons mean learning classical music.

Those are myths, not real facts.

Here is why. Have you ever wondered why every baby is calmer with lullabies? All babies and young children feel like dancing and moving with good vibe music. Which children don’t like singing or listening to music during the circle time at school? Since you were baby, you were connected to music. And it has been shown in studies. Every baby, including yourself, knows how to process music and understand it. The baby can recognize his/her mother’s voice in the womb among other voices and sounds. His/her mother’s voice has a melody, a tone and a pace. All of these are musical parameters. Music has always been part of you and your child. We are all moved by music with our own sensitivity. You just need to revive it for yourself and your child to thrive more.

Music has always been around me. Even if my parents didn’t have any music background, they’ve always loved listening to music and dancing. Music has animated them and keeps nourishing their lives. And they may have transmitted that to me since I was in my mother’s womb.

Since 6 years old, I’ve been a musician, starting the Conservatory in France. My mum was always my #1 fan. Always there at all my concert performances (or most of them). She always encouraged me to practice and keep playing. She wanted me to learn the piano, and I choose … the flute. I remember that time when music was clearly not a priority, for instance in high school. I totally remember embarrassing moments during flute lessons. “Did you practice your music score this week?” would my flute teacher ask. To her utter despair, I would reply “No, sorry” with my most ill at ease tone. It’s only few years later that I finally found a new dynamic to play with other musicians in Gabon, The Netherlands and Canada. And since then music has never stopped and performing is my new motto.

Never too late to start loving music

Few years ago, my mum also discovered how magical it’s to sing in a choir. She loves singing, she is still learning a lot about music techniques and she’s thriving. I can testify that music has transformed her. She found more balance, more peace in expressing her emotions in another way.

In Calgary, I play music with another multi-instrumentalist who started music in his 30th . He is retired now. He has learnt several instruments himself (guitar, flutes, accordion, harp…). Yes, talented and such a great musical coach for me!!

Whether your child is a baby or teenager, whether you learned music when kid or not, you can (re)integrate music in your daily routines, and why not sing or play an instrument?

Can biochemistry and music be linked?

I have a Master Degree in Biochemistry and worked in big International Pharmaceutical Companies (such as AstraZeneca, Aventis-Sanofi). My studies and work experiences helped me understand how the body stays healthy or not, how our emotions can have positive or negative impacts on our body. My brain works with scientific logic, observations and facts. And my intuition and sensitivity drive me too. Music has built my personality and continues to shape it. I’ve understood how music can channel our emotions, can rebuild our health.

Everyone is moved by music with his/her own sensitivity. It can make us cry, tap the beat, dance, get angry… There is something inside you that is moved by music. So yes music affects our body, our biochemistry inside us. If you learn to use it well, you can easily reconnect with your balance, get your child more confident and help him/her develop better.

Music is the universal language of mankind.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow




About me

Sonia Nding
Sonia NdingA Creative & Sucessful Brain
I’ve been creating my life, building my personality over years. I can inspire you and your child to help you thrive.

Music is powerful. As people listen to it, they can be affected. They respond.

Ray Charles




A woman, a wife and a mother

The multi-tasking me: staying as feminine as possible and as balanced as possible from the inside to the outside, personally and professionally; spending quality time with my loving half; taking care of the children, nurturing them and dealing with the house management. And there is only 24hours/ day and 7 days a week. Sometimes it doesn’t run as smoothly as I would like. Unwashed hair for 5 days or more: yep the glam is out; or messy house or should I say creative kids area in every corner of the house? Yes, can be challenging to balance all that. And unless you have an army of people helping you with all those tasks, you have to keep your sanity. Sounds familiar?

One of my solutions for you:

Take 1 minute for yourself right now, just one minute. Take 3 long deep breathes and say out-loud “I am wonderful! I love myself! I rock! Everything is just fine.”

You can easily use basic music tools to reconnect with yourself, or to reconnect your child in his happy mood and mode: starting with deep breathing, playing a relaxing music, singing, moving and dancing… Music is powerful.

Find harmony with music, with your voice, with sounds. Open to the magic world of music that everyone can feel and understand.
It is not about learning music that matters but to understand that music is already part of us.
Sometimes I wonder if I was already dancing in my mother’s womb. I feel like that I was born dancing, that music has always been my inspirations, has always lifted me up while dancing and playing musical instruments.
Without music, I would not have been who I am now.

Stage is my second home. Always loved to perform while playing and singing, and also dancing.

Enjoying times with my loving family, dancing and performing, playing different styles of music, listening to the musical world, travelling and getting to know people and their cultures, enjoying food from around cultures, embrace life and share love…

An educator and emotional balance advocate

Since I got 2 children (5 and 8 years old), and as any mother, I’ve been looking for opportunities to help them blossom, thrive and become as balanced, happy and successful as possible. We all want that for our child, right? I’ve clearly noticed the impacts of music on them since they were in my womb. And recent studies have clearly demonstrated the positive impact of music on babies and children. à link article .

Yes music can positively impact your child too : emotionally, physically and intellectually. It starts from baby and hopefully your child will use music when adult too. And no worries if your child is already a teenager, he/she can still use it to feel more confident, express his/her emotions in another way.

And for you, music will free your stress level and will reconnect with your true-self.

What’s for you?

As a parent, teacher and educator, I’ll help you (re)connect with your own true essence, restoring your balance and confidence to be yourself and spread your contagious happiness around you. If you feel love inside yourself, it will spread outside. And people around you will feel and sense your beauty inside out.

For you child, I’ll help him/her thrive, boost his/her development in so many ways. Using music as a learning tool to better understand other topics. Using music and sounds to express emotions that can be told otherwise. Using natural abilities to strengthen his/her personality.


What really matters is that music is already part of your and your child. You just need to revive it to thrive and blossom. You and your child have natural abilities that need to be nurtured more.

And I’m here to help you.

Random questions about me and music

Has music influenced my love for maths and science? Most probably.

Has music made me calmer and happier? I believe it plays a great part.

Has music helped me express my emotions? For sure, by singing, playing musical instruments and dancing.

Are my children playing music? I’ve been exploring with them the world of music, with worldwide instruments and music styles since they were babies. And just recently my daughter started piano and my son and I have started drum set.

What benefits of playing music do I see on my children? Music reinforces my bond with them. They can express themselves in other ways too. We love doing silly dances on lively beats. They both love maths, counting, comparing. Often, I will “catch” my daughter sing random songs or create songs on her own. And I will witness my son looking for sounds, rhythms and musicality on hitting on boxes, furnitures, toys… Music as for sure positive impacts on them and on me.

So I say YES to MUSIC and YES to MUSIC for CHILDREN. I’ll continue encouraging them to discover sounds, music of the world and instruments. Music is powerful. And as parent I want to help them thrive and become great persons, and music is. It’ll still be part of our daily routines to reach these goals.

Random facts

Born and raised in Paris. Travelled in Europe, North America and Asia. Lived in AfricaGabon– for 5 years, in the Netherlands for 2 years. Now in Canada.

Hobbies? I love Bollywood. I’m part of Sparq Productions dancers, where we have been dancing for Festival such as Lilac Festival; we did the opening of Shreya Ghoshal (famous and popular Bollywood singer) in Stampede Corral. I love the tastes and dishes of the world.

I like to watch sitcoms.

I love spending time with my husband and children to do fun activities.

I love tobogganing with my kids and carving pumpkins.

I play folk, Celtic and Reggae music with a Francophone music band in Calgary.

Professional career: My professional journey has been composed with low and high pitch notes and few wrong notes, with harmonies and dissonances, some Pianos and Forte even Fortissimo, few Lento and Prestissimo and more Adagio. The composition is not finished yet. For the last few years, the melody has been more harmonious. This path has forged my personality, my adaptability to diverse environments, and enabled me to develop multiple talents, such as event coordinator, writer, musician and dancer.

11 years of Music Conservatory- playing music for more than 30 years.

European Childcare Qualification – Foundation Level

I taught ballet and hip-hop dancers to young kids when I was in Gabon.

I taught fitness to adults there too.

I created my own Non-Governmental Organization in Gabon to support the local communities with sustainable projects.

Striking memory: Living in the jungle with wild and dangerous elephants walking in our garden in Gabon to eat mangos and flowers, poisonous snakes and Nile crocodiles in the river.

Noteworthy choice: I quitted France and my work to follow my husband (boyfriend at that time) in Gabon. There definitely were challenging moments at the beginning, but it was worth doing the jump to learn to fly.

Dream: Starting a collection of musical instruments of the world, and of course knowing how to play them. Imagine having a full room with this precious collection…