Music Class Rates

Creative Harmony offers a variety of classes in French and English for children from 3 months old to 8 years old.

From the regular music classes with songs, stories, games, musical experiences with a variety of instruments – to more customized classes with a specific theme (seasonal themes such as Easter or Christmas) to more hands-on experiences (experiencing string/woodwind/percussions instruments  with crafts  or exploring children books written by Sonia Nding such as Maracas).

The class can be held in classrooms, community rooms, camps from 5 children to more.

Customize the musical experience you’d like to create for your child(ren). Contact me now to share what you have in mind.

Regular Rate

  • Price for a group of 5 to 20 children. Songs and Games
During Regular Classes, the child will explore music concepts such as dynamics, tempo, pitch through songs and games; explore some musical instruments; move and dance. These classes can be customized with a seasonal theme (i.e. Summer, Easter,  Christmas…).

The Standard Classes are aimed to use music as an entry point to learn other topics (science and music; language arts and music; cultures and music; health and music…).  You can choose among a selection of theme : hands-on musical experiences by crafting a specific musical instrument, playing the real instrument, exploring cultures and instruments of the world, exploring a children’s book (i.e. Maracas…)

The Discovery Class is offered only once when first time booking. It’s the light version of the Creative Pack. Music is an entry point to explore other topics, helping the child by making links through different topics in one session.

The Creative Pack is a flat rate for 3 sessions and offers a range of activities to explore a theme in more details and with other topics, so the child will be able to absorb better several concepts by making links on many days (related to the Multi-Intelligences Theory by Howard Gardner or the Creative Schools by Ken Robinson).

As an example of a thematic : The Nutcracker Ballet. The child will explore the music of the ballet, the story and make links with other topics. One part will be the Dance of the Snowflake : exploring the instruments, crafting some snowflakes, exploring the science of unique snowflakes, symmetry of snowflakes, exploring compounds words with snow…

All rates can be NEGOTIABLE to add more activities and classes.

For individual lessons or bigger group, please contact me for details.

Regular Class

  • 1 class
  • Songs, Games
  • It’s all about movement & music
  • Contact me for details

Discovery Class

  • 1st Discovery class
  • Story, Songs and Games
  • Hands-on musical experiences and creative explorations
  • 1 goodie per child

Standard Class

  • 1 theme in 1 class
  • Story, Songs, Games
  • Hands-on musical and creative experiences
  • 1 goodie per child

The Creative Pack

$280flat fee
  • 3 classes on 1 theme
  • Story, Songs, Games
  • Hands-on musical experiences and creative explorations
  • 1 goodie and other bonuses

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