Music is not tangible. But we, humans, have always cherished it, listened and played music for pleasure. We have always prized it and loved it.

Music impacts directly our emotions in the brain, our heart rate, our respiration, our body. We connect with our emotions from the past, the present and the future. Listening to music is a way to channel and express our emotions.

Our voice, spoken or sung, reflects our current conditions, spreads our emotions and intentions. When you know how to use your voice, it can be an amazing tool to find your balance (back), to find clarity, to feel happier and harmonious.

Having a combination of expressing your voice and listening to music is powerful.

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.” – Victor Hugo

In my program “Harmonious self”, I’ll give you easy tools to recover your emotional balance despite day-to-day challenges, regain self-confidence to find clarity and achieve your goals, to revive music in your life in support for your long-term brain development and health.

It’s all about being you as you should be : smiling, happy, balanced, confident, stress-free.

Your voice is a powerful tool. Learn to use it with intentions to embrace yourself easily and everyday.

Introduction session of 1h30 and package of 5 sessions (of one hour each) available.

Customized programs for teens also offered:

–>When you feel like, as parents, you can’t find ways to discuss with your teens, music can help them. Teens love to listen to music. They can listen to loads of music as they connect their emotions with what they feel and they cannot express verbally. Help them release their emotions and express themselves.

For more details, email me here.

I did not realize that my voice could switch off my level of stress and anxiety. An incredible method to release easily any tension, to channel emotion and to empower yourself. I highly recommend this program for everyone
Oob N., Pattern 2 Prosperity
The association of sound emission and physical postures/movements really gives me full expression of my energy. I clearly felt a feeling of release from whatever stress I was experiencing before the sessions. “Taylor made” is valuable to me…
I definitely would recommend the practitioner , who is great and knows what she’s talking about.
Ngub N., Old Turtle Co