We all have had music in us since we were born.
Studies have demonstrated that listening and practising music stimulates every part of the brain and would develop and improve many skills and aptitudes such as memory, language… Expressing and channel emotions is key to find balance and harmony at any age.

Every one has his own sensitivity to music and lives music differently.

If you play a nice lively song or piece of music in a classroom or at home, you’ll notice different types of reactions with children. Some children will naturally sing and play music, some will feel like creating and be more concentrated (i.e. building with cubes, drawing a piece of art, doing homework…), some will dance and move, others will just calm down and enjoy…They all react in their own way to music. Music moves them! Music moves us!

From soothing lullabies for babies, dancing on lively beats, playing an instrument, relaxing and meditation on calm music, creating something while listening to music… Music is powerful!

Music is a powerful tool for the development of your child,

even more when he/she is playing an instrument long term.

Babies and toddlers naturally learn a lot through sounds, moves and all their senses.

If you think that you, as parent, educator or teacher, don’t feel at ease with exposing and teaching music to children, I have a solution for you. Because every child is different, they all have a point of interest (art, maths, science…). What if you’ll be able to link their point of interest with music? They would definitely enjoy more music than just going to a music class independently.

My approach is to expose to music by different themes, and link each theme with a bunch of activities (maths, arts, science, technology, social study…). Finding different entry points to enjoy more music and understand it better. Children learn by making links to different topics (proven by studies).

For adults, music and sounds are also a natural way to reconnect your emotional balance, regain your self-confidence, and strengthen your brain health.

And this balance state is even more important if you’re pregnant (for you as future mother and the unborn baby).

Check the programs for you, your children, your students and family.

Harmonious Cocoon : A program for the mother-to-be, the partner and their children.

Reconnecting with yourself, your body, find peace. Create a bond with the unborn baby, strengthen the relations with your family. More details here.

Harmonious Noise Maker : A program for babies (new born to 24 months old).

Because discovering the world with sounds is a great way of learning. More details here.

Harmonious Artist : A program for children (2 to 7 years old).

Discovering the world of music through STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) with plays, imagination, stories, crafts… Exploring musical instruments. More details here.

Harmonious Musician : A program for children above 6 years old and teens.

Exploring their artistic talents powered by STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths). More details here.

Harmonious Self : A program for teens and adults.

Find clarity, peace, balance and harmony in personal and professional life. Use your voice to express and channel emotions. More details here.