Whether it’s your first time pregnancy or not, do you have mix feeling questions spinning non-stop in your head?

Could be professionally, relationally, physically, emotionally, aptitudes related, such as:

  • How will be my work after the birth?
  • Will I know what to do when my baby is born?
  • Is my baby healthy?
  • I don’t want to be stressed out by people around me, how do I deal with that to feel as zen as possible?
  • How can my partner be more involved?
  • Will my relationship with my partner be the same after?
  • How will my body be after birth? How will I recover my body back?
  • How do I split my time and love between partner, kids and newborn?
  • Will I be overwhelmed?
  • Scare of the delivery?

Credit : Stuart Handy




All of that is FEAR : False Evidence Appearing Real. And you can get levers to handle those fears.

Our program “Harmonious Cocoon” helps you :

  • Manage your STRESS and FEAR whatever it is related to
  • Manage your relational and emotional balance
  • Gain confidence and clarity
  • Reinforce an harmonious bond with your unborn baby AND partner and other children in your home
  • Manage the delivery with simple techniques.

We’ll work with harmony, happiness, love, balance by breathing, singing, talking, being aware of the body change and by channelling the emotions.

Every member of your family is part of this exciting and amazing new chapter of your life.

Let’s create YOUR Harmonious Cocoon together!

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With these sessions I have noticed than the level of stress and tension in my body went down, like really down! I feel more inner peace and connection with my whole body.
Alexandra M.B.
I loved learning about all the different ways to interact with the baby. I had never realized that the voice could be such a powerful instrument of communication and connection with an unborn child.
Stephanie LP
I can see the great benefits my wife is getting from the program. So for me it is mainly the satisfaction of seeing her getting better each time. Sounds seems to help develop in depth emotional communication and harmony in the family. It is a treasurable tool.
Ngub N., Old Turtle Co.