Hearts decorations hanging on walls, chocolate treats, flowers gifts, and presents to offer your partner…

Is Love In The Air? Is Valentine’s Day Coming Soon?

Buying and receiving gifts during this popular day! Feels nice, right? What does Valentine’s Day mean to you?

Love is amazing, abundant, unlimited, free, magical and powerful. Love nurtures our lives. It’s in our true essence. Love spreads so contagiously too. So YES to the celebration of LOVE. We need love and we need to spread it around us. But before offering any material gifts, there should be one important thing to do first.

As a parent, it’s sometimes easier to give lots of love, time and care to our children and partner.

And frequently we forget ourself. And I do too.

I do forget sometimes to take care of myself, because I have to manage children, house, work, family in a limited time… And I realize by the end of a week or a month, that I just don’t feel great: stressed, easily irritable, grumpy… Even if I try not to show that malaise, my children and husband can feel and sense it. And they may transpose this malaise in their own way: trying to get more attention, or ignore me, or being grumpy…Then it’s a vicious circle: everyone is not feeling at their best. Loving and caring for others seem so much more difficult at that point.


It’s BECAUSE I forgot one key part:

Declaring love to myself as often as possible, ideally daily but not less than once a week.

Reconnecting with my inner balance and receiving self-love!


Declaring love to ourself means “pause” and “be grateful for who you are and what you do”. It means taking at least few minutes to be grateful for the air you breathe, the amazing person you are, the things you have, the amazing things you do, the way you care for others.

Yes it’s time to pause, take a deep breath and hold yourself in your own arms. Then look at yourself in front of the mirror and say “I love me”, “I love myself”, “I’m worthy”, “I’m amazing”, “I’m grateful for being me”… When you feel good and full of self-esteem and love for yourself, you can better spread love around you and care for others. And remember, love is contagious! Check this 5 steps exercise to feel and feed the love towards yourself HERE.

So this Valentine’s Day season is ideal to celebrate loving yourself and teach your child to love him/herself too.

Why should your child love him/herself if you, as a parent, have difficulties to love and appreciate yourself?

Grab this opportunity for you, as parent and adult to open up to love, to acknowledge loving yourself, to accept yourself and feed your soul with love and light.

Then you’ll love better people that count and give care and time for them.

So before going to a romantic dinner with your partner (don’t get me wrong, that’s romantic!), or celebrating love and friendship during a nice event with your family, first raise your self-esteem, your self-love and feel better to love others. Share that love by declaring love to yourself (read this article to apply an easy exercise in 5 steps)!

You can also do another exercise with your child, as it is important he/she understands self-esteem, love and care towards him/herself. This exercise is an easy activity to discuss about love, emotions, feelings, why love is important and why it is important to feel good.

Get your free template “I Love Myself Because…”

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Love Is Contagious. So when you feel that love inside you, even if you don’t say anything, your child and surroundings can feel and sense it too.

So be the mirror you’d like your child to be.

Shine love inside you and your child will also shine inside him/herself too. Let this inside love shine so bright that it’ll spread outside. 

Music and dance can help you shake those negative vibes out, and feed your soul with happy vibes. Check my uplifting music playlist HERE.




Looking for ideas of a unit study around Valentine’s Day theme for your child? Keep reading 🙂


Languages Arts:

  • writing words such as heart, love, care, gratitude, feeling; definition of those words mentioned before;
  • writing about what love means, why I should love myself; discussions on Love, Friendship, Feelings and Emotions (Download the template on “I Love Myself Because…”)

Click Here To Download Your Free Template

  • Tracing Heart shapes



  • counting hearts
  • grouping/drawing little hearts in a bigger heart
  • grouping sizes of hearts (small to big)…


Arts & Crafts:

  • crafting around Valentine’s day
  • Create a sensory box: fill a box with dry rice and hide some cardboard hearts. Your young child will love digging and feeling the rice under his/her fingers.
  • Watch the movie “Trolls”: a great movie showing that you don’t need a troll to be happy, as happiness is within everyone. And everyone can be happy. Plan your family movie night and get ready to discuss about happiness and love.
  • Check some crafts we did last year here to offer with my children’s friends.


Music: There are some fantastic songs to infuse more self-love and understand emotions.

This Little Heart of Mine” and “L.O.V.E.” by Linda Arnold are easy songs for children under 7 to learn and understand.

There’s a great CD with songs ‘Heart Songs“, lyrics and explanation of movements a child can do.

Some songs from the BO of Trolls (the movie) are great too.


Science and Sport:

  • feeling a heartbeat on ourself (related to the song : a little wheel turning in my heart”);
  • understanding the anatomy of a heart


Celebrate LOVE for this Valentine’s Day and LOVE for your Family for Family Day if you’re in Canada.

In the comment below, let’s discuss what Valentine’s Day means to you, to your child.




NB: Want to know more about how to (re)gain confidence and self-esteem as a parent so you can nurture and raise happier child? Look at my “Harmonious Self” program. Contact me now.