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Your Child Needs Music – Guide Him/Her On The Right Track

Music has spanned centuries and countries. Everyone in every culture is moved by music.

Music is the universal language of mankind.

_Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Whether music is used to entertain, heal, relax or increase abilities, the real benefits and impacts of music has always been questioned by science.

With the progress on scientific methods and techniques for the last […]

Love Yourself First to Better Love Your Child

Hearts decorations hanging on walls, chocolate treats, flowers gifts, and presents to offer your partner…
Is Love In The Air? Is Valentine’s Day Coming Soon?
Buying and receiving gifts during this popular day! Feels nice, right? What does Valentine’s Day mean to you?

Love is amazing, abundant, unlimited, free, magical and powerful. Love nurtures our lives. It’s […]

The Rooster Sings For The Chinese And Vietnamese New Year

January 28th 2017 is the Chinese and Vietnamese New Year! And we’ll enter the year of the rooster!
Can you hear the rooster sing? Cock-A-Doodle-Doo!!!

With my 1/4 Vietnamese blood, and being raised with part of this culture, I’ve been infusing that tradition in our family. This year, we’ll celebrate and I invite you to (re)discover this […]

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Tickets For The Nutcracker Ballet With Your Child?

I know the Magic of the Holiday Season is all around. And the Nutcracker contributes to spread it. Millions of people around the world have been watching the Nutcracker Ballet with their children on and on. Some have even made it a yearly family tradition. And every year is the same tune, you can find […]

20 gifts ideas for your child under 10 years old! Spoiler alert: no flashing lights nor batteries needed!

It’s Christmas Time and Holiday Season! But we’re loaded with sales signs everywhere and endless display of products of any kinds. And all these commercials shouting in your ears “Buy Me Now!” So stressful and it’s triggering headaches, right? How can you make wise choices for your child or any child among this overload of […]

A witch drumming for Halloween and other musical crafts

I remember our first official Halloween experience 4 years ago when we arrived in Canada. Carved pumpkins, skeletons, tombs and other spooky decorations in our neighbourhood.  But there was this particular house with a very creepy set-up. So realistic dummies with blood and scary faces, tombs and other spooky details. Like even during daytime I […]

Release your child’s energy creatively

It’s almost back to school time. Most of summer camps are over. So what do you do to get your child busy while he/she is so full of energy? I found that my kids are just loaded continuously of energy: running around in the house, playing often loud. And if we don’t organize a bit […]

10 musical toys to giggle with your baby and toddler

Do you have songs of your own childhood that still ring in your ears? Our early childhood exposure to music, lullabies and rhymes has impacted our development (language, motor function …). We now know with all the recent studies that music has a real impact on everyone in many ways: our emotions, our balance, our […]

The Carnival of The Dinosaurs : a Canadian musical treasure

In order to continue exposing my children to more live music, I took them early May to see “The Carnival of the Dinosaurs”. This piece was inspired by the famous “Carnival of the Animals” by Saint-Saëns. If you haven’t heard this music suite, I recommend you listen to it; it is very entertaining and musically […]

International Jazz Day with “Doe Ba” song : fun and catchy

When I was in junior high, I was part of the school music club. We were singing and playing instruments. Such a great period with loads of memories!!

I remember a funny jazzy song we were singing: “doe ba” by Rieks Veenker. This song left a lasting print in my mind, as I taught it to […]